Saturday, January 07, 2006

Rules of the 'Teria

  1. Get in line
    This is not a porn or cyber sex chat site. It's a place for clever people who are interested in sex and sexuality to talk, debate, and laugh about issues that interest them.

  2. Enjoy your meal
    I'm going to talk about sex. And obviously, I'm a woman, so it'll be from a woman's point of view. I'll bring you news, debate, opinion, my and others' reviews of books, toys, video, whatever strikes my fancy.

  3. Speak up, honey
    The crowd is noisy, but the lunch lady o' sex wants to hear your opinions, musings, what have you. Give good comment.

  4. No food fights
    Miss Syl don't cook up no hate in her kitchen. If you start flinging yours around, it's detention for you, young man/lady/shemale.

  5. Lunch is served to everyone
    The sexeteria serves people of every background, gender, and orientation. Come on in. Ahem.

  6. Tips are accepted
    Saw an article you think I should check out? A site that's cool, funny, informative? A book, toy, video, or what have you that your company would like me to check out? I'm game. Write to me at the email in my profile. While I can't promise you I'll feature it, I'm always open to new ideas.

    And of course, posted comments or emails filled with slavish praise and admiration are always welcome with open...arms.

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