Sunday, January 08, 2006

For Every Reaction...

Okay, so half a day ago I just went on about good function, bad form. And today, I just came across the opposite example--the height of form with no real function. So, thought I'd share.

This one's called "The Senator," heh. It's part of an artist's exhibit that had very beautifully designed, and sometimes whimsical male genital forms. The artist's name (should we believe her?) is Sue Long. Apparently her intent was to "expose and exploit men." But it kind of feels like a wee bit of good old-fashioned penis envy to me (just kidding there, Sue...or am I)? But really, even the ones poking fun feel more like an affectionate joke
than the crass exploitation of women's bodies she says she's trying to counteract. And sometimes, they're even quite lovely. See?

You can buy the "Nimrod" and "Main Vein" for the price of about two high-end vibrators. Everything else is pretty expensive. Check out the exhibit site to see more at The Penis Project.

Make sure you check out the title of each piece. Those are priceless.

Thanks to Daze Reader for the original mention.


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