Friday, February 17, 2006

Quote of the Week

Well, on Valentine's Day I went out and listened to people tell stories about sex. If I couldn't have any, well, next best thing, I suppose.

Anyway, the highlight of the night was this amazing slam poet named Sonya Renee. If she comes to your town, I highly recommend you check her out. But anyway, she performed one poem that contains my quote for this week. The poem was about how she was really getting down with this guy, and the moment of "impact" was about to occur and she asks him if he has a condom and he gives her a hard time and says something rude. The rest of the poem is her lambasting him for his stupidity. Uber quote in the midst of the rant:
Put your dick in your pants,
You've just lost your chance,
I've got a date with my dildo at 10.
Thank you and goodnight, ladies and gentlemen. Sonya Renee definitely IS.


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