Friday, March 03, 2006

Monogamania 3: And the Hits Keep Coming

Am I monogamous or polyamorous? I just don't know anymore. But I'm certain I'm polyamorous when it comes to sharing the love of a good discussion.

Wanted to point out that there are a number of other people who have picked up the baton of this ongoing post and developed interesting discussions of their own, all of which are worth checking out. Here they are, in order of my discovery of them:

"Too much to say about monogamy, too late at night" over at Figleaf's Real Adult Sex--others share their opinions on the topic.

"ma-nah-ga-me" by birdman over at Doing What Comes Naturally--an interesting list of ways to spice up a monogamous relationship (including developing senility!).

"monogamy as a social construct?" on Livejournal's polyamory community blog (who knew?)

"The Road to Hell" at Always Aroused Girl--a great discussion of what "counts" as "breaking the rules" of monogamy, and just what the rules are, anyway.

"M is for Monogamy" over at Damn Jezebel's diary--explaining how she came to develop a monogamous preference after a non-monogamous lifestyle.

I haven't been able to comment on everyone's--it's been a really busy week. But I've thoroughly enjoyed reading all of them and I'm very glad about the exchange of ideas everyone's having. Seems I've hit a nerve. I wonder if it's always been such a raw one, or if something in recent times has made it moreso...


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