Friday, August 18, 2006

Love is a Backwards God from Hell

Oh. my. god. I...





I heard a tiny clip of it the other day on the season premeire of the fabulous Showtime series Weeds, downloaded it, and now I can't get it out of my head.

I adore songs that sound all melodic and pretty on the surface and then you actually listen and Dirty, filthy, nasty underneath.

The artist is Jenny Owen Youngs. I don't know anything about her, but go Jenny! (And nice schoolgirl costume, too). Buy her stuff and read her very cool little write-up here.

I see there she's from New Jersey. Ha--explains everything. I can pick one of my sisters out of the crowd, no matter what part of the world we cross paths in.

"Singing sweet and drinking hard since 1981." God, I may have to marry this girl.

Update: She's also got another site besides the myspace site here.


Blogger Karl Elvis said...

well that fucking rules.

"Love tears me up like a demon
opens the wounds then fills them with lead
& i'm having some trouble just breathing
if we weren't such good friends, i think that i'd hate you
if we weren't such good friends, i'd wish you were dead"

8/18/2006 7:10 PM  
Blogger Karl Elvis said...

Ok. After looking at her I am now in love. And I had to go buy her record.

Ray, you're going to want her. Trust me.

8/18/2006 7:21 PM  
Blogger Miss Syl said...

No, no, she's mine! All mine!

Okay, well maybe I'd be willing to share...if you and Ray ask nicely.

But yeah, how f'ing amazing is she? And she looks way too young to have that voice or be singing about this stuff. I'm glad I helped her get at least one cd sold.

8/18/2006 9:23 PM  
Blogger NotCarrie said...

How was Weeds?! I don't get that channel:(

8/18/2006 10:54 PM  
Blogger Miss Syl said...

NotCarrie: It was really good. You can get/rent the first season on DVD now. Totally worth it.

8/18/2006 10:56 PM  
Blogger Miss Syl said...

Okay, it's been brought to my attention that it appears in these comments as if myself and others are lusting after what appears to be (in her photos) a fairly young girl.


Okay then. To clarify. I suspect despite visual appearances, the kickass Ms. Jenny is of age--and I won't speak for anyone else posting. BUT as for me, allow me to state:

I LOVE this girl because you can tell she fucking ROCKS, both musically and just 'cause. LOVE. Jersey chick soul connection. Ain't a lust thang.

And ain't nothin' wrong with that.

8/18/2006 11:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Give it to me, don't give it away
Don't think about what the others say
My skins getting clear, my hairs so bright
All you do is fuck me every day and night

You're my secret beauty routine
Na, na, na, na, what my body has seen
I am lookin' good and I'm feeling nice
Baby you're the best magazine advice

Gimme your hot white cum
Gimme your hot white cum
Gimme your hot white cum
Gimme your hot white cum"
---Liz Phair "H.W.C.

Now that's some kick-ass lyrics.

8/19/2006 12:22 AM  
Blogger Ray in New Orleans said...

Yeah, I'd do her. Her and that chick from Giant Drag. At the same time. Even if they make me cry.

8/19/2006 12:57 AM  
Blogger Miss Syl said...

Anonymous: 'Course they are. Liz is great. The world isn't limited to only one kick-ass woman writer, you know. I count four of them just in this post/commentary. And plenty of room for more.

Ray: Based on their lyrics, something tells me that if you "did" either/or both of them, the result would be them being much more likely to cry about you. Seems to be their general theme.

8/19/2006 1:16 AM  
Anonymous wittyguy said...

I may be off kilter here, but what do you think of the show? Personally I find it an interesting representation of the smoker's sub culture transplanted in the middle of suburbia. Here I thought us smokers only lived in the 'city'.

8/24/2006 9:12 PM  

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