Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I Want to Suck Your Bivalves

I've noticed that just about every food listed as an aphrodisiac I just plain out love. Look at this list here. I adore every one of those: Pine nuts, bananas, caviar, cucumbers...The page pretty much lists the menu of my dream meal (paying attention, potential suitors?). And peaches, oh yes. For me, a fragrant, juicy summer peach is more convincing evidence of the existence of a higher being than any religious tract I've ever read.

But more than any of the above I crave oysters. Just the thought of those soft, cold, wet, salty things sliding down my throat sends me to my knees. The mere mention of them, even a passing reference, and I'm instantly craving. I'm craving them now, just writing to you about them. God, first person to offer to take me out for oysters gets...hmmm, to listen to me make some verrry appreciative noises, how about that?

Of course, there's a lot of debate about whether aphrodisiacs really have any effect at all, or if it's simply the power of suggestion. But it seems an interesting coincidence to me at least that I have a healthy libido and a pretty healthy craving for just about every stated aphrodisiacal kind of food out there. And many of them I had a solid love for long before I was old enough to know what the word "aphrodisiac" meant.

It would be an interesting experiment to hear from others out there and see if their sex drives, high, medium, or low, match with the amount of aphrodisiacs they crave.

Also, any votes for foods that ought to be placed on the aphrodisiac list that aren't commonly? I might vote for cashews, and maybe chanterelle and/or morel mushrooms. Mmmm, in fact, why not slice all three of those up, sautee them all together with a little butter and sherry, and slowly drizzle the mixture on...

I'll let you imagine the rest.


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