Saturday, April 15, 2006

Should I Be Annoyed By This?

Because I kind of am...but I'll get to that in a second.

I'm still on the road. Things are good (if you don't count the usual annoying things that crop up when part of your visit involves interacting with family). Of interest:

I WON a raffle for two orchestra seats to see Avenue Q last night. At least 100 people's names in a bucket, and they pulled out mine (and five other people's).

I DID NOT WIN the $220 mil Mega Millions jackpot last night. However, no one else won either, so I have decided not to take it personally.

Anyway, on to my question.

Turn out my access to the 'Net is even less than I'd expected, but I found myself just now with a very short pocket of time to check my email, and also peek at my Technorati results, where I found this. Now, she's copied my entire post, word for word, including the graphic AND some of your comments. She's even titled her post my post's title. However, before she did this massive copy-and-paste, she does at least mention my blog, and link to the original post.

Because of that last thing, and because I'm kind of new to blogging, I don't know if this would really "count" as a breach of etiquette or not. Maybe some of you more experienced bloggers can tell me what you think? I mean, it's not plagiarism. She hasn't claimed it's her work, like that chick who was stealing AlwaysArousedGirl's and others' stuff. But is it generally considered okay to copy an entire article AND comments and post it on your own blog? Seems to me I've only seen people take a small excerpt at most and then link to the original post.

Mind you, I'm always pleased to have someone refer to something I wrote as interesting, and to link to it. That's not what's bothering me. But this feels like it's crossing some kind of line to me. Am I overreacting?


Blogger Miss Syl said...

And it also seems I can't post a comment to her blog asking her to link rather than copy in full, or find out her email and do so until I create a Yahoo 360 page, which I really have no interest in doing...

4/15/2006 7:56 PM  
Blogger spcknght said...

Try "".

Personal etiquette in my book would have been to write her own entry and make reference via either a link post the URL to your article rather than copy it in it's entirety INCLUDING the responses.

And according to your Creative Commons license:
Attribution--You must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author or licensor.

So, as she hasn't contacted you, and you haven't spelled out the use of the contents of your blog, so she SHOULD have contacted you as to how she could post your information on her Blog.

4/15/2006 11:05 PM  
Anonymous Darkhawk said...

My understanding of fair use is that one can quote a portion for commentary, so long as it is not substantially the same as the entire thing -- how much is a reasonable portion is a matter of interpretation when one's quoting a large chunk, but the whole thing is right out.

4/16/2006 1:03 AM  
Blogger Shon Richards said...

I think you have a right to be annoyed. One thing I keep in mind is that the Internet is filled with well-meaning but uninformed people. I'd send her a polite note asking her to please not do it again and instruct her on how she could have gone about it.

Hope you're enjoying your traveling.

4/16/2006 10:26 AM  
Blogger Ray in New Orleans said...

I imagine she just doesn't know any better, and if you send her a polite email explaining the etiquette she'll fix things.

4/16/2006 11:23 AM  
Anonymous Kochanie said...

I would give the lady the benefit of the doubt as Ray in Austin suggests, and ask her to observe the standard protoccol of linking to your blog. The way your article appears on her page, in its entirety with graphics and comments, I would have assumed that Stella D is the author. I do not think that Creative Commons had this sort of confusion in mind, so they may be interested in this possible violation.

I do have a Yahoo account and will gladly contact the lady, if you wish, and remind her of your rights of authorship.

4/17/2006 1:38 AM  
Blogger Aine said...

That is indeed a bit shit, and a breach of netiquette. I don't think it's a case of her not knowing any better.

4/17/2006 5:56 AM  
Blogger drunk said...

Sadly, the Myspace Generation has all but killed off "netiquette" - they slayed what little netiquette the AOL users left breathing. *sigh*

At least she linked to your blog - much more than others have done. There's so many ripped off posts floating around the blogosphere...

4/18/2006 1:50 AM  
Blogger Romancing Simplicity said...

Although she has linked to your blog, I would be upset by it too. It is, after all, your work, your words, and she's just put the entire thing up on her blog without letting you know at all. I understand that in the blogging culture that can be a mainstream thing to do but when it's a blog it seems that it'd be much better to link to the site and then ask permission to do much more than a few quotes.

I have a Yahoo 360 so if you'd like I can easily send her the link to just this post or something or politely ask her to reconsider the post. Also, if you'd like I can let you just send it on your own. I'm sure that if she knew it was a source of irritation that it wouldn't be a problem for her to edit the post.

4/20/2006 11:56 AM  
Blogger Miss Syl said...

Hey all, thanks for the feedback, and spcknght, thanks for the email. I'll try to give her a polite nudge in the right direction.

I think Ray (and others) are right in that it was probably unintentional, but it did still put me off a bit.

Romancing S., I'd rather email her myself, but if I run into trouble I might ask for some help. Thanks.

4/21/2006 10:50 AM  

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