Saturday, April 01, 2006

Sugasm #28

The best of the sex blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Now with extra sluttiness!

Thoughts on Sex: Sex Commentary, Sex Advice, Blogging
All About Oral: Odor, Etiquette, and Why Some Women Don’t Want It (
Anatomy Lessons Part 2 (
And it Burns, Burns, Burns… (
Classic S Spot - More on Masturbation (
Damn Leeches! (
His Addiction (
Love Conquers Some But Not All (
Pussy on the Loose (

Funny / Sex News / Grab Bag
10 Lies Pornographers Tell (
Angelina Puts Collagen Rumors to Bed (
I Bet You Didn’t Know the Ancient Greeks Had Strap-ons… (
Last Night Dick Slipped… (
Sex in the News - Celebrity Sex Tales (
Shit Week (

Reviews and Interviews
Interview with Sophia (
Sugarjoy Review: Xervious Anime Labs (

BDSM and Fetish
Always Ready… (
Bath Time (
Daddy’s Little Girl (
Edging (
Learning the Ropes (
Missing the Kink (
Put in Place I (
Recurring Springtime Fantasy (
Redemption - Part II (
Tied Down and Spanked (

Ariel X Again and Again… (
Christine Young Review (
Free Pics (
Maddi and Rene on Sapphic Erotica (
Mim shot by Penelope for Abby Winters (
Mirrors (
Misato by Yousoudo for Met-Art (
Naughty, Nasty HNT! (
Sunshine (

Erotica/Erotic Experiences
Between the Biker & the Wall (
Cock Tease (
First Meeting (
Hard Fucking (
I Saw. I Came. I was Conquered. (
Last Night (
Magically Delicious (
Masturbating in the Car (
Masturbation and Memories (
Please, I Would Love A Kiss (
Secret Reads: The Roommate (
Shhh… Do You Hear That? (
Snatched Moments (
Sunday Sweetness (
When He Watches (

From Fantasy to Reality (
Kicking Myself In The Ass (
Life with an Easy Girlfriend (

Sex Work
Packing for a Spanking Shoot (
Wearing Your Inner Vixen (

Announcements and Sex Politics
Britney Spears Pro-Life Statue (
Jorge Rivas (
New Book Review (

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