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Be Careful What You Wish For

Okay, so five questions sent in so far, and the first two from Circe and Spcknght are REALLY hard! Which is good--it's good for me to be challenged. Somehow, I think I imagined myself having instant answers to everything, but instead I was kinda floored by both of these.

Here's Circe's:

It's always interesting to me to have someone write about something sexually pivotal. Not necessarily the best, the worst, the funniest... but a sexual something that sticks in your mind for some stubborn, indelible, possibly unknown reason.

This one was hard because though I've hand many experiences, nothing felt pivotal. Everything to me has felt kind of like a progression or continuum or something. I tried running through the mental file cabinet for memories/images that are stuck in my brain in a coupling sense, and came up with a bunch of stuff, nothing of which seemed pivotal...a couple of guys I'd really lusted after when I was younger who turned out to be disappointing in the "getting physical" department...what my first lover said to me the morning after I'd had sex for the first time...what I wrote in my journal about how I felt after I'd had sex for the first time...discovering a person I was dating was notably small in the endowment department and how I processed that...a lover and I breaking a bed frame when we were really going at it...or me waking up in his bed for the first time, naked under the sheets, on a sunny morning after a night full of amazing lovemaking and finding myself alone--and then him proudly walking in with half an avocado and a spoon to surprise me with "breakfast in bed"...the best oral sex I ever had...

Just a catalogue of some of the weird random memories that stick. But none of those felt particularly pivotal. And then it hit me that my most pivotal stuff had nothing to do with when I was with another partner. It's more about the images that sparked the initial flames of my sexual imagination when I was young, well before I was sexually active. You know, those written or movie moments that you come across and suddenly realize, "This is making me hot. This is what arousal feels like." And that starts a lifetime of fantasizing and (in my case) erotic storytelling and in some ways, forges your own sexual personality.

Anyway, thinking back, it's clear that my most formative arousal moments were all related to scenes of sexual seduction. Not nonconsent, exactly, though that theme skews off the seduction theme. But rather, situations where there is one experienced partner, and one innocent and slightly nervous but secretly curious/aroused/attracted novice who, finds that despite her/his better judgment ("Oh, but this would be so bad/so secret/so dirty/so wrong"), she/he finds her/himself slowly drawn in by the more experienced partner's erotically suggestive behavior, until she/he can't stop her/himself from surrendering her/himself to the seducer's (and his/her own) desire.

Mmmm, even writing about it and remembering all those images as a kid still gets me going. The whole, "It's wrong, but I can't help myself" thing, combined with the experienced partner's overwhelming desire for the person, and to get what he/she wants, yet the carefully calculated moves he/she takes to make it happen...hunter and hunted, but the hunter makes it so the prey wants to be consumed--willingly, swooningly offers its own throat up in the end, knowing that the pain will be goooood...

Here's a shortlist of these pivotal pieces of writing/imagery that made me realize what turned me on before I was even clear what really having sex would be like (in no particular order). Grouped together, they're my pivotal thing:

1) The two seduction scenes in John Jake's The Bastard (pulled off my dad's bookshelf). Experienced French serving wench seduces inexperienced son of the woman she works for in the loft of a barn. Later on, more experienced, but poor, French son moves to the American colonies and seduces rich society virgin--though she is promised to another! (gasp!)--outdoors in a hidden spot on her intended's estate grounds. I wrote more about this book here.

2) All the "first time" stories in the Penthouse "Forum." A couple I used to babysit for had copies of Penthouse all over their house. And a huge stash of them in their bedroom closet, too. (Yeah, I looked in their closet. I know, it was wrong. But listen, all of you out there, if you've got a pre-teen or teenaged babysitter, well folks, you'd better just resign yourself to the fact that she/he is probably rifling through your smut). After I'd put the kids to bed and was sure they were asleep, I'd pull the magazines out and read and read and...well, you know, do other stuff. Thank god it was the era before those hidden-camera clocks. Anyway--any teacher and naughty schoolgirl type fantasy was sure to get lots of re-reads. As did any story about the clueless delivery boy who walked in on the brunette and redhead sunning by the pool... And um, sure, the babysitter stories were good, too. Not that the couple I was sitting for had any idea I thought so.

3) Another babysitting moment: Found an anthology of Victorian erotica in a different couple's house. Can't remember the title. A lot of it was pretty bad. But there was this one voyeur story about two wealthy young siblings (of the opposite sex) secretly watching their father seduce and have sex with the maid. (And then the siblings had sex while they watched--but the master of the house/maid/"sir" thing was what really got to me).

4) The glass elevator scene in Class. MILF Jacqueline Bisset talks to Andrew McCarthy about whether he prefers "going up or down." He says he likes going up. She decides to show him how wrong his choice is, literally, and his eyes roll to the back of his head, as they sink to the floor in plain view of everyone else using the adjoining elevators.

5) Catherine Deneuve and Susan Sarandon in The Hunger. Need I say more? Okay I will. Late at night, my parents in bed, me in the dark watching after-hours HBO. Deneuve's a vampire. Sarandon's human, a virgin, and as far as she knows, straight. Afterwards, she's none of the above. Highly erotic scene. Many people I know of my age seem to have good memories of this one...

6) A number of Eric Jong books. I never actually read any of the books all the way through. The overall writing and plots seemed pretty crap to me even then. But there were loads of seduction scenes, of all combinations. That lady had one good 'n' dirty mind.

7) The Thorn Birds (the book, not the made-for-TV movie). Two scenes: one was kind of a mutual seduction--priest is seduced by pure, beautiful young girl/girl is seduced by reticent, hot priest. They both draw each other in, even though they know it's wrong. And then I remember in contrast to that more gentle love scene, a scene with the girl being "taken" in a very masterful way by her eventual manly-man husband, which added a very nice contrast.

8) A whole bunch of teen sex flicks, forgettable except for the seduction scenes. It was pretty much standard to most of these in the early 80s that there was always some guy or girl character trying to lose it, and some salacious, more experienced person willing to help them figure it out...

9) Dangerous Liaisons. I was already more experienced by then, but Malkovitch does a damn fine job luring any number of pure young ladies into the flames in this one. (Valmont did it even better, but it was years later).

Okay, so there you have it: My pivotal sexual thing--the seduction scene. This kind of theme still fuels my adult fantasies quite a bit.

Anyone want to share a favorite seduction scene of their own? I love collecting good ones, even now.

More later. And the booth is still open for questions if anyone wants to send them.

Oh NO. I forgot a hugely pivotal one!

10) The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Frank N. Furter sedces Janet. And then Brad. Oh Tim Curry, you hot piece of alien transvestite ass, you...

You tricked me. I wouldn't have - I've never - never!

I know, but it wasn't all bad was it? I think you found it quite pleasurable.
(He caresses Janet/Brad)
Oh so soft. So sensual.

Ohhhhh - no - stop...

(and of course neither of them really means it)


Anonymous Circe said...

Gracias mija. :)

And we share some very similar, uh, tastes.


5/19/2006 8:09 PM  
Blogger Miss Syl said...

Como no, esa.

*Do* we now? Do tell. Got any reading or viewing recommendations?

5/20/2006 6:57 PM  

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